~Alpha-Synuclein Could Be Biomarker for Non-Motor Symptoms in  Parkinson’s, Study Suggests
~New PD drug study to halt progression

~Unraveling the Mystery Surrounding Failed Diagnosis & Treatment of Non-motor Parkinson’s Symptoms by Maria De León

  • Maria De Leon describes herself as “genuine Parkinson’s expert, connoisseur or maven which ever word you prefer to use.”  Read her latest post here.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research

  • NIH Research Flyer
  • Letter from Bonnie Huddleston (06/28/2018) – A patient’s visit to N. I. H. {National Institutes of Health} in Bethesda, Maryland, is at once complicated and satisfying. It is not by any casual happenstance that one is seen there – which is stressful in itself. The time spent however, is filled with various types of medical & physical testing, interviews, sharing of information, all critical to any number of Clinical Trials being held at each Institute. The staff {Doctors, Clinical Fellows, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Clinic Chief} are extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, eager to learn from patients, and equally happy to share thoughts and ideas. Their sincerity and positive attitude was comforting to a patient with a “debilitating condition”. The take-away was a feeling of hope that their demeanor created.Coordinating the Patient Care at the Parkinson’s Research Clinic is a delightful, organized, and detail-oriented woman by the name of Mae Brooks ! For some 19 plus years she has made it her responsibility to see to it that the patients coming through the revolving doors at N.I.H. have a positive and lasting experience…that is why they are happy to return for follow up evaluation !Transportation, meals and lodging are all 100% compensated – cheerfully and timely. For those unable to afford the co-pay on DBS surgery, DBS is completely free at N.I.H. They do require the patient to commit to a 24 month care plan at N.I.H. and visits back & forth are 100% paid.Any Clinical Research is dependent on large numbers to be successful. The same is true at N.I.H. Please consider being a part of the important Trials @ the Parkinson Clinic – N.I.H.

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